Sign Language Board Books

We carry 3 board books suitable for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

In the “Sign About”  Series by Anthony Lewis

Small board books:

  • Going Out   CAN $6.99
  • Play Time      CAN 6.99

Each book  has 10 pages, with 4 signs/ English words per page.
Wonderful illustrations  of babies and toddlers forming sign in context. Include concise written instructions on how to form signs in American Sign Language (baby sign language). Great for pre-literacy too!

Each book dimensions are: 8 in X 8 in (21 cm X 21 cm); 10 pages in each book.




Large Board Book (Author/Illustrator Anthony Lewis):

  • My First Animal Signs      CAN $9.99

12 pages; 48 animal signs! (4 signs per page)

The animal vocabulary in English and American Sign Language (baby sign language) with brilliant illustrations include:
everyday pets, outdoor & common zoo animals!

Large Size  book: 10 1/2 in X 10 1/2 in (27 cm X 27 m): 12 large pages