Tricia Davis

Wes_TrSince launching Signing Store. ca and Baby Can Sign! instructional programs in 2004, Tricia Davis, M.A. owner and founder has had the pleasure of serving hundreds families across the 5 1/2 time zones of our expanse country of Canada:  via telephone calls and emails – from Newfoundland  to Vancouver Island and the  northern territories. Through interactive classes/ workshops she’s empowered parents to communicate effectively with their babies and toddlers. In classes, she educates parents on speech and language milestones of childhood.

As an experienced parent herself, through her businesses she has supported unconditionally  -hundreds of parents of special needs children (eg:  Austism Spectrum Disorder, speech/language disordered, hard of hearing, and deaf children). She has shared stories of  trials and tribulation of child rearing in the areas of language and cognitive development. She has provided support for implementing sign language with their children in her kind compassionate way.

Tricia’s two adult children, Lucas and Alana have supported in her business endeavours. She has hired hired students to help with SigningStore. She’s worked collaboratively with professionals in her field of speech, language and hearing. She is in-debted to a long-time friend Tanja for her technical expertise. Tanja’s school= aged children are graduates of the Baby Can Sign program! has exhibited at Parenting Expos in Edmonton, Calgary , Toronto, and Barrie, ON in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Feel free to contact Tricia at signingstore(at)shaw(dot)ca