ASL for Babies

ASL for Babies – A handy Canadian reference for beginning baby signs

CAN $5.95

A handy booklet with the first 80 signs in American Sign Language (ASL) – English  that can be taught to hearing, pre-verbal baby. Written and illustrated by Deaf Canadian R. Demarais and mother B. Desmarais of British Colombia.
Large  easy-to-follow illustrations in a coiled booklet. Easy to lay down, stays open to page to read and study. Great coffee table, night stand, or diaper bag reference to carry around.


Dimensions: 8.5 in X 5 in (21.5 cm X 12.5 cm); 40 pages (2 signs per page).
American Sign Language (ASL) -English  vocabulary includes:

Animals Signs: bear, bunny, cat, cow, dog, duck, elephants, horse, monkey, mouse, pig, sheep.

Colour Signs: blue, green, red, yellow.

Signs for Family: baby, daddy,  mommy

Signs for Feelings:  funny, grumpy, happy, sad.

Everyday Signs:  ball, bath, bathroom, bed, blanket, book, change (use for “change diaper”), clean, nice, cold, dance, diaper, dirty, don’t touch, good, hot, “I Love You”, more, pee, play,please, poo, run, sick, sit, sorry,stay, stop, thank you, toys, wait, water, wet, where, who.

Food Signs:banana, cheese, cookie, cracker, eat, finished, full,hungry, juice, milk, orange, thirsty, toast.

Signs for getting dressed: clothes, shoes, socks,

Outside Signs: boat, bugs, flowers, park, swing, train, trees.